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Hidden Cams and You

Hidden Cams and You

How many my-shopping-site electronics/why-were-not-concerned-enough-about-hidden-cams. hidden cams recorded your actions today? If you stopped for gas, at least one camera captured your license plate. Go inside the convenience store for a soda or a bag of chips? There's another camera. Did you stop at the ATM for cash? Say cheese. You were probably also captured by hidden cams at one or two stoplights on your way to or from work, and maybe by a camera at the drive-through of your favorite fast food restaurant.

Hidden cams are almost everywhere. That may sound a little paranoid; it's probably something you'd expect to hear from an old CIA agent trying to get away from "them." But in fact, it's true.

When you hear the term "hidden cams, " you probably think about covert surveillance, spy cams, sneaky stuff. In fact, hidden cams these days are often used for ordinary security. While not all security cameras are hidden, many are, for the simple reason that criminals will avoid the cameras they see, but they can't always hide from hidden cams.

You may not think about the hidden cams at gas stations, for instance, but every gas station has at least one camera to record license plates, and these cameras are not always visible. As gas prices go up, so does theft, and the margins on gasoline are so low for the station owners that they have to take every possible step to protect themselves and stay in business.

The same goes for stores, fast food restaurants and the like. They're not necessarily using hidden cams to catch you doing something wrong, as much as to deter potential thieves, both employees and customers. If you've ever worked in a liquor store, you were probably grateful for the visible security cameras and hidden cams that deterred all but the most stupid armed robbers.

It's easy to get irritated or worried about hidden cams, but the fact is, they're an important and necessary part of the lives we lead now, and the people they protect are glad they're there.

Richard Novak is a former private investigator, now specializing in hidden cams and consulting on crime prevention for small retail businesses. Get more information regarding my-shopping-site electronics/why-were-not-concerned-enough-about-hidden-cams. hidden.

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